Halloween is a time that has evolving importance as you get older. As a kid, all you think is “Free candy!” and maybe you’re excited to dress up with your parents. When you get a little older, it becomes more about goofing off with your friends, happy to have an excuse to get together. Then, as an adult, it can become more about the kids again, dressing up to scare them or entertain them, or maybe it’s about going to grown up parties where you can shock your friends. Throughout, however, arguably the most important element is the costume. In honor of that, I’ve compiled a short timeline of my best costumes from years past, for Halloween or otherwise.

Wonder Years

As a toddler in the late 70’s, it wasn’t too soon to realize my deep appreciation of Batman, but it would take a few more years for me to recognize that Superman could never compare.

Band Together

As a rebellious teenager of the 90’s, a few of my friends and I decided to dress up and hit the town in an attempt to trick the unsuspecting around us that the hottest, newest (and most short-lived) band had decided to pay a visit. It wasn’t even Halloween.

Young 20 Something

It’s the late 90’s and let’s just say I was the kind of young adult that valued fun over the accuracy of my costumes.

Dad Goes Dark

During the 2000’s, I had begun putting my costume efforts into creeping out my kids, as dads do. One year I even put on a haunted house to scare them, but the real horror was my face paint.

Batman x3

Can you imagine how safe Gotham would be with three Batmans instead of one? As you can see, I made that possible, with the introduction of Bryce & Bret to my Bruce Wayne.

Prince on Patrol

If Prince was about a foot taller, you wouldn’t be able to tell us apart (as you can see). Paying homage to his third studio album, this costume got me as many free drinks as it did suspicious glances.

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